University of Freiburg
Summer Term, 2015
Social Robotics, Graduate seminar
Winter Term, 2014/2015
Human-Oriented Robotics, Graduate lecture and lab
Winter Term, 2013/2014
Human-Oriented Robotics, Graduate lecture and lab
Jacobs University
Spring Semester, 2012
Topics in Automation, Graduate seminar and project
Fall Semester, 2011
Advanced Automation and Control, Graduate lecture and lab

Student supervision

University of Freiburg
Timon Marta
M.Sc. Project, 2015
Learning cost functions using linearly solvable Markov decision processes.
Christina Hernandez Wunsch
B.Sc. Thesis, 2015
Synthesis of emotional & interactive robot behaviors using animation principles and dynamic movement primitives.
Hugo Gilbert
M.Sc. Thesis, 2014
Graph based inverse reinforcement learning for social robot navigation
Sven Wehner
M.Sc. Project, 2013
Simulation of group dynamics using the social force model for behavior modeling in robot navigation